A PDF with a complete list of publications and presentations is available here.

  1. "Resource Management and Smart Grids,” Keynote Talk, 1st IEEE International Workshop on Smart Grid Communications and Networks, Houston, December 2011.
  2.  “Smart Infrastructure and Applications for Connected Vehicles,” ITS World Congress, Orlando, Fl., October 18, 2011.
  3.  “Comparison of Network Design Algorithms in Smart Grids and Core Communications Networks,” CMOS: Emerging Technologies, Whistler, June 2011.
  4.  “Participatory Sensing for ITS,” ITS Canada AGCM, Vancouver, June 2011. (with A. Koulakezian).
  5.  “4th CASCON Workshop on Cloud Computing: Towards an Academic Cloud,” Toronto, November 2010.
  6. “IEEE CNOM Keynote Address: Vision of the Future Network,” Niagara Falls, October 2010.
  7. “2010 IEEE Canada McNaughton Lecture: Advice to the Young Researcher,” Calgary, May 2010.
  8. “Canada 3.0: On Participatory Sensing,” Stratford, Ont. May 2010.
  9. “Future Internet Canada-EU Workshop: Smart Applications on Virtual Infrastructures,” Waterloo, Ont., March 2010.
  10. “ICT as Enabler of Smart Infrastructures,” Keynote Presentation, The 34th IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks, Zurich, October 21, 2009.
  11. “Network Design for Next Generation Data Centers,” Invited Talk, IEEE Photonics, 2009.
  12. “Building the Networked Society in 2020,” Keynote Address, SYTACom Research Workshop, April 28, 2009, Montreal.
  13. “The Role of P2P in Future Service Provider Infrastructure,” POSTECH International Workshop, December 14, 2007, Pohang, Korea.
  14. ”Towards Autonomic Communications,” Keynote Speech, International Teletraffic Congress, Ottawa, June 2007.